Interested in singing with Sirens of Gotham?

Stop by rehearsal anytime!

Visitors are always welcome to watch and listen at our regular rehearsals. The Sirens rehearse every Thursday night from 7:30-10:00pm in Manahattan. We are currently relocating our rehearsals, so email us if you're interested in visiting and we'll get you the information!


Audition Information

What’s the audition process?

Our audition process begins with Prospective Night, where prospectives will have an opportunity to learn about the organization, mix and mingle with the chorus, and experience a rehearsal. All those interested in auditioning will sign-up to receive a preliminary vocal diagnostic that night in order to qualify for the next phase of the audition, which includes performing an assigned part of a 4-part barbershop arrangement a cappella. We hold these audition cycles 2-3 times a year.

Winter 2018 Audition Cycle: Late January/Early February

Check back soon for our Winter Audition Cycle dates, and feel free to visit a rehearsal in the meantime!

    How do I sign-up to audition?

    1. Submit a guest registration form.
    2. Attend a Prospective Night to learn more about the chorus and experience rehearsal. If you’d like to audition, sign-up for a preliminary vocal diagnostic while you're there.
    3. Should you qualify with your vocal diagnostic, you will receive (by email) access to the audition sign-up sheet and audition materials for an assigned voice part.
    4. Attend your audition the following Thursday. Auditions are 10-15 minutes long and will be scheduled between 6:30 and 10:30pm at a location TBD.
    5. You will hear back by the following Monday. If accepted into Sirens of Gotham, members are expected to attend weekly Thursday rehearsals from the following Thursday evening onward.

    Sweet Adelines International

    Sirens of Gotham is one of the hundreds of Sweet Adelines International choruses that make up this worldwide organization of women who sing four-part barbershop harmony.

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