What We Do

Based in the heart of Manhattan, Sirens of Gotham is a fresh take on women's a cappella. Performing a variety of genres ranging from barbershop to contemporary pop to classical to vocal jazz, the Sirens take pride in performing all kinds of a cappella music with precision and heartfelt artistry.

Sirens of Gotham has accomplished much since its establishment in November of 2011, but has grown exponentially since February 2013, when the ensemble became a chartered chapter of the world's largest music education organization for women Sweet Adelines International (SAI).

Since then, the Sirens have twice claimed the title of SAI Region 15 Division A Champions (first in 2015, and most recently in April 2017), taken 3rd place in the 2015 New York Harmony Sweepstakes, appeared on multiple televised broadcasts, starred in a television show, performed in various world-renowned venues, produced their own live performances, and hosted a multitude of successful fundraisers.

Our Core Values

1. Ambition

For Sirens of Gotham, valuing ambition means that we always strive to grow, improve, and achieve. An ambitious Siren is hard-working, prepared, dedicated, and never finished, because they are always searching for ways to elevate their craft and take the chorus to new heights.

2. Authenticity

For Sirens of Gotham, valuing authenticity means that we are never contrived or cookie cutter in performance, management, or the community. We seek to find meaning in our music and endeavor to choose music that inspires and speaks to us. We value open, honest, and transparent perspectives in the chorus, and each member is encouraged to be their own unique self. We celebrate diversity and promote inclusion. We don't apologize for who we are and always represent ourselves truthfully to our audience and our community.

3. Joy

For Sirens of Gotham, valuing joy is about allowing ourselves to be present and passionate in our ambitions--not laborious or intense. We share a deep emotional connection to music: we sing because it makes us happy, we are passionate about music and the role it plays in our lives, we choose to express ourselves artistically because we want to share our stories with others in a way that leaves them changed. We take pride and joy in our work and accomplishments, and this brings us together all the more.

Our Leadership

Sirens of Gotham's leadership structure includes both creative and administrative teams. Click on the teams below to learn more about them and the individuals in them. 


  • Samantha Bunting, Team Coordinator
  • Meredith Rich, Communications Coordinator
  • Gabriella Vega, Finance Coordinator
  • Anna Chelak, Marketing Coordinator
  • Shanell Lockhart, Membership Coordinator
  • Helen O'Rourke, Fundraising Coordinator
  • Charlotte Dow, Performance Coordinator


  • Sarah Clay Lindvall, Director
  • Erika Ji, Assistant Artistic Director
  • Stephanie Ofshinsky, Assistant Music Director
  • Kiara Contreras, Music Team Secretary